RF Identification Systems Inc.
RF Identification Systems Inc.

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RF Identification Systems was one of the pioneering companies in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). It began designing after market products for vehicles in 1992. It developed the industries first RFID vehicle immobilizer in 1992 which was sold under the brand name of "Magic Key" . In 1999 it developed the industries first code based payment assurance device which was sold under the brand name of "Ontime". Over 700,000 vehicles have been installed with either Magic Key or Ontime products. 

Our current design projects are centered around the IOT (internet of things) and m2m (machine to machine) technologies utilizing the industries latest LTE cellular technology called Cat m1

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify the right technology for  a customer's unique problem or opportunity. Develop the solution, design and manufacture the product. 

US Patents


Loan Repay Enforcement System 

US Patent #   6,195,648 B1 

Vehicle Location System 

US Patent #   6,489,897 B2


Vehicle Location System 

US Patent #   6,717,527 

Tamper Detection and System   Disabler 

US Patent # 6,870,467 B2 

Tamper Detection and System   Disabler 

US   Patent # 6,828,692 B2 

Driver ID, Inc. Vehicle   Security System

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Driver ID, Inc. Vehicle   Security System, with Finger Print and Eyeball recognition 

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Time-Based Disablement of  Equipment

US Patent # 7,266,507

Wireless Relay for Payment

US Patent # 7,359,773

Tampering Detector and System  Disabler

US Patent # 7,388,465

Method and System for Monitoring  A Vehicle 

US Patent # 7,430,471

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