RFIS History

For over twenty years RFIS Inc. has developed products that have addressed specific problems encountered in a number of industries.

These products have either been developed internally and sold to various marketing channels under their own product names, or developed specifally for customers according to their own written specififications.

In many cases customers have simply required custom variations of RFIS products to meet their unique circumstances.

RFIS Inc. specializes in complete turn key solution from product concept, to cuircuit design which includes all hardware and firmware soutions, to manufacturing the product in an ISO 9000 facility.

Custom Projects

RFIS Inc. developed a vehicle recognition system that was utilized by Exxon International in 1990 in what the deemed the gas station of the future.

The Pittsburg airport utilized a variation of the system for its fueling depots for airport vehicles.

RFIS Inc. developed a work in process system for Compaq Computers utilizing the world's first commercially available “read/write” RFID tag.

Internal Projects

RFIS Inc. developed the first vehicle immobilezer based on RFID technology in 1992 and the product was sold under the names “Magic” and  “ iLock”. There were over 400,000 of these systems installed by new car franchises between 1992 and 2002.

In 1998 RFIS Inc. developed the “OnTime” payment enforcement system which is currently marketed by Sekurus Inc. To date over 300,000 of these sytems have been installed in vehicles of customers who have credit challenges.

RFIS Inc. is in the final design phase of a series wireless products that can be integrated with off the shelf GPS/GSM tracking systems to create an “ In vehicle wireless network” which will vastly expand the GPS/ GSM tracking systems I/O port cabability, while at the same time eliminating the need to run physical wires from the GPS/GSM system to different control or monitored points in the vehicle.